About Me

Hey, I'm Rohit. I'm a developer, writer, musician, football fan and just a naturally curious person in life. I work at Trellix as a SDE on their platform team working on building SecOps products. I'm also an Auth0 Ambassador working on sharing knowledge, tips, and best practices on topics relating to identity, security, and authentication.

I have previously worked on building a reliable product for agents to sell insurance at Turtlemint and helped them scale 50x from 20k insurance agents to 1 million + insurance agents and a growing SaaS business. I have done 7 internships during my undergraduate education culminating with my intership at HackerRank

If I'm not coding, I am generally:

  • Staying up to date with the latest technological developments
  • Binging Spotify playlists to find new unheard of artists
  • Going for Gigs and Music Festivals
  • Playing/Watching Football
  • Attempting to not be an out of Practice Musician


Secure Yourself On The Internet

Spoke to the students of NPS Kalkere, Bangalore on how to secure themselves on the internet. This talk took place in Feb 2023.

How Does Signing & Validating a JSON Web Token (JWT) Work?

Spoke at the FOSS United Bangalore meetup on how does signing & validating a JSON Web Token (JWT) work. This talk took place in November 2022.


Spoke to the students of SRM University, Chennai on Dockerization and how we use docker in deployment pipelines at Turtlemint. This talk took place in October 2019.


Enforce Multi-Factor Authentication for Specific Roles with Auth0 Actions

Would you like to enforce certain roles within your application, for examples admins, to always use Multi-factor Authentication? Instead of forcing all or none, you can use a simple Auth0 Action to create this experience!

Research Papers

Survey of Deep Learning Based Entertainment Oriented Recommendation Systems

Published in International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies, 2019

Predictive analysis using Big data Analytics for Sensors used in Fleet Truck Monitoring System

Published in International Journal of Engineering and Technology, 2016

Survey On Data Mining Algorithm

Published in International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies, 2016



Earthly is a syntax for defining your build. It works with your existing build system. Get repeatable and understandable builds today.

Sourabh Bajaj's Mac Setup Guide

This guide covers the basics of setting up a development environment on a new Mac. Whether you are an experienced programmer or not, this guide is intended for everyone to use as a reference for setting up your environment or installing languages/libraries.

Slack Notifier For Vaccine in India

Slack Notifier for India's 18+ Vaccine Appointment. This was a dockerised node application which would push latest vaccine appointment details for Pincode Locations you provide to the provided slack channel.


readme.so is a markdown editor with ready made templates to easily create a simple README for your repositories.

Templater Bot

A GitHub App built with Probot that requests more info from newly opened Pull Requests and Issues that contain either default titles, whose description is left blank or templates not followed.

Manchester United Quiz

Google Assistant chatbot to test the user knowledge about Manchester United Football Club.

Personal Website

A minimalist portfolio website built using Next.js, MDX, Tailwind CSS, and Vercel.

Slack Jenkins Bot

A slack bot to trigger jenkins jobs and post status back to a slack channel. Made using hubot (GitHub).

Hubot Jenkins Optimised Plugin

A custom Jenkins integration for Hubot with multiple server support.

Hubot Slack Attachment Optimised Plugin

A Slack integration for Hubot which enables sending detailed messaged (by means of attachments) from Hubot to Slack.

Hubot Jenkins Notifier for Slack

A custom Slack integration for Hubot which responds to Jenkins notifications in a format appropriate for Slack attachments.